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Welcome to Clever Cloggs

Clever Cloggs cater for children aged 2 years and above in a light and airy building with a large outside area which enables staff to plan free access activities inside and out daily.

The atmosphere in any setting is the guiding factor when enrolling your child. The laughter and chatter heard throughout is a big indicator that the children like coming to Clever Cloggs.  We hope you will agree that the atmosphere is right at Clever Cloggs.

We recommend you do not place your child with any nursery or pre-school until you have had the opportunity to meet the staff and seen it working.

 For many years parents have entrusted their children to our care, but it might not be right for you.

Come and have a look and find out if Clever Cloggs is the right place for you and your child.

Ofsted report 2016.PDF